Yoga with Teresa

Svaroopa® Yoga

Deepen Your Inner Experience
Healing for Body, Mind, and Spirit


Meets where you are and take you deeper

Svaroopa® Yoga practice is based on spinal decompression (Core Release/Opening) using precise alignments to open you up from tail to top. With the philosophy of "Support equal Release", you are supported according the needs of your body so you can soften into each pose and get the maximum benefit from it. This is truly yoga that anyone can do regardless of your experience or fitness level.



Physical Benefits

Release Pain
Improve Digestion
Improve Circulation
Strengthen Muscles and Bones
Increase Energy & Vitality

Mental Benefits

Relief from Stress
More Peaceful
More Clarity

Spiritual Benefits

Experience your True Self
Live in the Bliss of your own being
Living in Love


"When you dissolve your spinal tensions,
you open up the life force that is always surging up your spine.
It is like removing a log jam from a river.
You don't have to make the river flow,
You simply remove the blocks."

-Swami Nirmalananda-